Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Twilight Bracelet

Certified Twilight Freak here so of course I had to make a bracelet to wear for this sunday just gone ( I attended an avance screening!) Unfortunately my wolf charm didn't arrive until yesterday. Here's the finished product!


kaz 10 December, 2008 09:29  

That is gorgeous. You are a very talented lady.

Sally 10 December, 2008 09:34  

Hey Lita, love, love, love your bracelet...very
As Im sure you are aware, I too am a TWILIGHT freak! And I also attended an advance screening last week. So tell me, what did you think? I was only alittle dissapointed, I dont think they captured the love Bella and Edward shared together really well. A few other things annoyed me abit, like Carlise ( way too young, and way to But apart from that I was thrilled to finally (after stalking every website dedicated to Twilight) see it. Rock on late 2009- 2010 for New Moon. Im also going again this weekend to see it. Silly I know,
but I cant get enough of it. Anyway like I said LOVE the bracelet honey!

Lita 10 December, 2008 09:39  

I LOVED it!! But, like you, I think the scrimped on the love stuff, Carlisle looks way too young, and - Jasper! My word - he looked like a stunned mullet!
I'm seeing it again on Saturday with Karen and another friend - we're headed to Crown casino for a girly night out. Can't wait!!
Thanks fo rthe kind comment on the bracelet! Actually thinking of making them and selling, aswell as little jangly keyrings/bag charms etc Lots of other Twilight freaks have expressed their interest lol

Donna 13 December, 2008 10:34  

Love the bracelet Lita!

I'm still jealous you got to see Twilight early! Hoping to see it this weekend but am not holding out much hope for a babysitter .. bugger!

Karen 02 January, 2009 19:11  

u already know i love love love this!!! i love my twilight addict one too, thanks :) i wish i could wear this stuff too lol! maybe i could make one to wear on certain occasions lol!!