Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Finally Friday

I could hardly contain myself! I am so excited that Friday is finally here. First, I must tell you about the collaboration mania going on this week. That’s right, not one, but two collabs!! First I want to share with you the revamped Not Fit For Public collaboration from the dynamic duo of Litabells and Laura Banasiak. You may think you recognize this collection, but it has been amped up and you are going to love it!

Guess what? Not only is this kit on sale for 20% off for the weekend, but for a limited time when you will get these gorgeous stacked papers FREE with purchase! FREE!! Isn’t that the best price?

Now, a little inspiration from Lita’s Belles. Have a look at their fabulous work .

My Happy Place, from the combined genius of Litabells and Captivated Visions, has made its way into Lita’s Scrap Orchard store. For a limited time you will receive a set of overlays FREE with purchase.

The Belle’s rocked this one out of the park. Be inspired by their amazing talent.

Okay now on to the exciting news that I was talking about. Oh yes, there is still more. Today is a super busy day. Today, is the start of Lita’s Mixed Media Workshop – Playing with Paint. Hop on over to the store to find out more. Also, stay tuned to the blog to find out more info about the workshop!
Before I go I would like to announce the winners this week. Thank you to everyone that played along and as always thank you so much for sharing the word about Litabells Designs. The winners are:
Ana C, Michelle H, Scrappin Gramma
Congrats! Please use the contact button above to get your coupons ladies!
That’s a wrap! Now go forth and scrap!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It’s a BIG Deal

It’s sneak peek time and I’m here today to offer you not one, not two, but THREE different fabulous products to win!! That’s right, there will be three things in Lita’s store on Friday, September 30th. THIS IS HUGE!! Don’t miss the chance to win your choice of one of these!
First up, you have a chance to win the fabulous collab from Litabells and Captivated Visions – My Happy Place. Wanna know what makes this collab fab? I mean aside from the fact that this is a combination of brilliance between two fantastic designers. Not only will you be getting the fantastic collab, but you will also be getting the overlays which will be offered free with purchase of My Happy Place.
Next, you have the chance to win a revamped collection from Litabells and Laura Banasiak – Not Fit for Public. It was fantastic before but has been supercharged like only this dynamic duo can!
Finally, the long awaited start of the Mixed Media Workshop with Litabells has arrived and you have the opportunity to play with paint too!
Now for the details on how to win. First, take a look at the previews and decide which of these you would like to add to your digi stash, or if you'd liek to join the class. Let’s spread the word about this amazing offer all around digi land, by posting on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog. Come back here and leave a separate comment, with links, for each method of sharing. Each share equals one entry. Don’t forget to choose what you want to win when you comment.
Good Luck!! I’ll be back on Friday to announce the winners as well as share with you some eye candy from Lita’s fabulous Belles and of course more information on the latest happenings, including the full reveal. Now go forth and share the love!  Have a terrific day!!


Friday, September 23, 2011

She’s Got a Bad Attitude and I know You’re Going To Like It

That’s right. Lita has got a Bad Attitude! A Bad Attitude in a good way. It’s the completely revamped Bad Attitude available now exclusively at Scrap Orchard. We often focus on documenting the good times, but I have found that it is quite therapeutic to include the bad times too. We all have bad days. We have encountered the unruly teen, the toddler meltdowns, the bad breakups. Bad Attitude is perfect for those not so glorious moments in our lives.

If you snag Bad Attitude this weekend you will get this new set of painty bits for FREE! (The paint bits will automatically appear in your cart when you grab the kit.) Hurry! The Free With Purchase Offer is only available for one week.

Have a look at some eye candy from the Creative Belles.
Now go forth and scrap about the bad times too! Before I go, we paid a visit to and let Mr. Random do his magic and came up with a winner for this week’s release. Drumroll please…
The WINNER is……………………………

wait for it…………………………

wait for it………………………………

you’re still with me right?

The winner is
Congrats Crystal. Please click on the contact button in the blog header and Lita will end a coupon your way. (offer expires in seven days)

Thanks for dropping by the blog today! Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sneak Peek and a chance to win

Hello everyone. I am excited to share this week’s sneak with you. This is but a morsel of what will be available on Friday.


Of course you will have a chance to win this little gem. All you have to do is spread the word. That’s right… share it on facebook, blog it, tweet it. Be sure and link us up in the comments and you will be entered to win. Be sure and come back by the blog on Friday as I will have the full reveal and I’ll let pick a winner!! Good Luck!


Monday, September 19, 2011


Hi guys! It’s been way too long since my last freebie post, so I decided to whip up a little something for you all!


.: download here :.

I hope you have fun with it, and be sure to link me up to your creations!

Happy scrapping!

Lita xo


Friday, September 16, 2011

Flutterby Friday–Winner Announced

It’s finally Friday. I am excited to reveal this kit from the fabulous Litabells Designs. Have a look at the fantastic Flutterby Deux. If this kit is not already in your stash, now is the time to grab it. Keep reading to find out how to get a new set of templates free – for a limited time.
Plus, for one week only you can get the brand new Duets Templates FREE when you purchase Flutterby Deux.
Have a look at this eye candy courtesy of the creative team. If this isn’t enough to inspire you visit Lita’s Facebook page for even more pages created with Flutterby.

Oh, before I go, let me announce the winner for this week.
Congrats to you Larissa. Please give myself or Lita a shout and we will get a coupon to you as soon as possible.
That’s a wrap everyone! Have a fantastic weekend.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sneak Peek–Win Win Win

Hello! Hello! It’s time again for another sneak peek. You may recognize this kit. It is a re-release of a fluttery favorite. A little birdie told me there is a brand new Free With Purchase goodie that is included.
Want a chance to win it? Spread the word around digiland and you can win! Blog it! Tweet it! Share it on Facebook. Link us up here in the comments and I’ll be back on Friday for the full reveal (including the details on the FWP) and to announce a winner!


Friday, September 9, 2011

Where I Stand + Winner Announced

It’s that time and boy do we have a ton of stuff to share with you today. I say “we” as if I can take any of the credit. Let me assure you Lita is the magic behind the design, I just get to share it with all of you out there in digiland! Today, Where I Stand is available in Lita’s store. The colors in this kit are fantastic. I just adore the blues and yellows in this kit. Just Gorgeous!!
Oh! Check out this free with purchase alpha set.
Here is a little eye candy to give you an idea of what you can do with this fabulous kit. Didn’t I tell you the colors were amazing?

Lita has been at it again. This week she has repackaged another set of templates. Take a look at Head Start Volumes 5 to 8, which you can purchase individually or scroll down a bit to snag these in a bundle and save big.
Head Start Volume 5
Head Start Volume 6
Head Start Volume 7
Head Start Volume 8
If you are a template junkie and adore Lita’s templates like I do, then you will want to save some time and some cash and grab the bundle! Head Start the Bundle (includes Volumes 5 to 8)
The team had a great time putting these templates to good use!
If you have made it this far, thank you for hanging in there! We love our Lita fans!  You are no doubt in search of the name of the winner. You didn’t think that I had forgotten about the giveaway did you? I am thrilled to announce that the winner is…

Congrats to Brynn Marie!
Brynn, please contact Lita (or myself) and we will get a coupon to you shortly. Thank you all so much for spreading the word about Lita'bells Designs. It is very much appreciated! Okay, that’s a wrap!! Have a fabulous weekend!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sneak Peek–Want to Win It?

It’s time again for a sneak peek. I am so excited to show you just a smidge of what Lita has been behind the scenes creating. The colors are fantastic as well as all of the goodies inside.


So, do you want a chance to win it?? Share this blog post all over digi land. Come back here and link us up with your shares (facebook post, tweet, blog post). Each share is a separate entry for a chance to win the kit. I’ll be back on Friday with the fabulous full reveal and I’ll also announce the winner.

Thanks for dropping in! I’ll see ya back here on Friday! Winking smile


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let Me Tell You

Before I begin with the newness from today I want to remind you of the Summer Rewind Sale going on right now at Scrap Orchard.
Happy Friday everyone! It's that time. Not only are we starting a new month but there are a ton of new products in Lita's store today. First up is a wonderful new collaboration with Laura Banasiak. Are you a letter writer? A list maker? A note keeper? Maybe you are a poet, or a daily journalist. Let Me Tell You is jam packed with all things wordy!

For a limited time you will get this great set of stacked papers FREE with the purchase of the kit! (Note: The stacked papers are automatically included in the download when the kit is purchased.)

Here is a little eye candy to help you get your scrap on! The team rocked this collab as they tend to do with anything Lita creates!
There were seriously so many fantastic pages created with this collaboration. To see them all visit Lita’s gallery at Scrap Orchard or you can see them on Facebook.

You might think that would be enough for today, but wait! There is more! In case the fabulous pages above didn't help spark your mojo, Lita has just the thing to fix you up! The Head Start series of templates have found their way to the Orchard. That's right Head Start Volumes 1 through 4 are now available in the store. You can purchase these template packs separately or grab the bundle and save a bundle!

Head Start Volume 1

Head Start Volume 2

Head Start Volume 3

Head Start Volume 4

Head Start Volume 1 To 4 Bundle

Here are some examples of what you can create with a little Head Start!

One more thing before I go. Lita would love for you to join her in her art adventure. So get over to the Artful Fancies forum at Scrap Orchard and check it out!
Thanks for visiting the blog today! Have a great weekend! That’s a wrap!