Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Write-Up: Fiskars Euro Trimmer

For many years I used a 12" trimmer sold by one of the leading direct sales scrapbooking companies. At first I loved it until I realised that it didn't cut straight. Hmph, my money was spent on that?! lol So, I did some research & pricing and finally got myself a Fiskars Euro Trimmer. And I have to say - I love it!
It’s lightweight, has easy to see marking for measurements, and has both a cutting & scoring blade. Brilliant! It gives a neat cut & takes quite awhile for the blade to dull. Simple to use, blade changeover is a breeze & best of all – the price was great! I picked mine up for $25 on sale, and normal retail price is around the $30 mark in $AUD.

Pros: as taken from
Aluminum surface improves visibility for accurate measurements
TripleTrack™ rail design provides straighter and more precise cuts
Compact and lightweight for easy transportation and storage
12" Cut Length
English and metric measurements
Swing-out ruler measures widths up to 15.5"/40cm

Now this is tricky. I seriously LOVE this trimmer so hard to find a bad word about it! If anything, there are only two things that bother me ever so slightly.
The aluminium cutting surface marks easily. Obviously, this doesn’t affect cutting but the OCD like me might be bothered by it lol
The edge of the trimmer is curved, which can play tricks with your eyes, making you think your paper isn’t lined up right. Rest assured though, that if you have your paper resting against the bottom of the trimmer you WILL get a straight cut every time – the wonkiness is merely an illusion… and could in fact be entirely in my own head!

So, final conclusion? Buy it – you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you for the great response to my first tute - you guys rock!! Please be sure and drop me a comment if you stop by - I love hearing from you all!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Tute: Paper

Well here it is gals, the first ever Tuesday Tute! I can honestly say I'm nervous about this lol Just's my first time, be gentle! lol

Now, I'm focussing on paper today. Namely, ways to use your paper that may just save some dollars. Let's be honest, we all want to save what we we can spend it on more goodies!! I'm sure some of you may already know of these little cheats, but hopefully I can help some of you out :) So, let's get to it!

~Tip #1~ My first handy hint is one that I use a lot! I often have just one piece of paper that I would like to use for my background, but then decide that a little of that would work well as a highlight piece on my layout too.

* Cut a panel out of the paper that you need, in a place that no-one can see. As you can see in my example, I used a print bg, but also wanted a small piece to highlight the LO. So, before adhering the back piece, I cut a (rather wonky) square from it, in a place that I knew would be covered/ hidden from view..see the cleverly placed arrow, just in case you missed the square lol When the layout is then flipped over and put together, no-one can tell the difference! Great way to both save paper and tie all the elements of your LO together.

~Tip #2~ Another shortcut 'fake it til ya make it' tip. Often, I find that I would like a large strip of paper behind my photo, or matt etc but just don't have enough. That's where this tip comes in.

*Find a small scrap of the paper you wish to use (note the small red piece in my pic. Cut it in half and then slot into place, taking care to align the pieces properly. You now have what looks like a long strip of paper, but is actually a small piece from your scrap drawer. Even if you do have enough to start with, why not be budget smart and try it anyway lol

~Tip #3~ This tip is especially good for those of us that like border strips, but it can be adapted to pretty much all situations. For this example, I am using 12inch border strips.
* Note that the patterned strip is not very wide. Choose the pieces you would like to layer for your border. Now, rather than make your lower layer (patterned in my case) reach all the way to the end of the page, trim it down short, and simply slip it into place. You achieve the same look, while saving paper and $$

~Tip #4~ This is a big money saver!! I love the scalloped paper shapes that are everywhere lately - love them! But, they are so pricey! Here in AUS, they range from $2 & up, some even going for $6 a piece. That's just one piece ladies - ridiculous!! So, if you want the look without the price tag, try this.
* An easy way is to simply grab a scallop piece that you already have, place it on the back side of the paper you want to use, and trace around it, then trim the piece. Easy right! But my new method involves a template. While shopping, a friend of mine came across chipboard scalloped shapes at the LSS. Well, I immediately grabbed them to use as templates. They had a large variety but I simply bought two different sized scallops, which were under $2 each. As you can see in the pics, I used them exactly as described above. Flip your paper, trace & trim.

And if you'd like to save even more - make your own template by tracing around a scalloped paper onto a sturdy piece of card. Too too easy!

~Tip #5~ I love doing this, it's become my new 'thing' lol. Whilst I love all the coordinating embellishments that you can purchase, the cost is quite off-putting. So this is my little cheat, to be sure that my bellies match my paper.

*Choose a patterned paper that coordinates with your plain, or that you are already using on your LO. Cut out shapes from the pattern (your paper might have flowers, apples, paisley's etc), ink edges, pop dot etc and add to your LO. It helps tie all the pieces of your LO together and is a very cost-effective way of adding embellies to your page. Also a great way to add a little extra to an altered project, such as my calendar and altered owl frame.

~Tip #6~ Another fave of mine, that you can make simple, or really detailed depending on your style.

*Use your paper to make embellies. Cut out a flower/star/heart etc shape from your page. Jazz it up with ink/bling/rub-ons etc and voila - a new, affordable embellishment. And by using coordinating papers, you can be sure your flowers etc will match your layout. In the pic below I went for the detailed approach & have made some cute little flowers using a fantastic tute that can be found HERE on Sugar Jen's blog.

So there you go! Hopefully I've been able to give you a few lightbulb moments and have gotten you thinking outside the square! If you use any of these little tricks I'd love to see the results!

That's all from me today, but pop back in tomorrow for my Wednesday Write-Up!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Blog Candy Winner!

Wow! What can I say about the amazing response to the sketches? Thanks so much ladies - I'm so happy you're having fun with them!!

I have done a random draw of all the lovely ladies that have become followers, used the sketch, and linked us up...and...the winner is.... drumroll.....

~ Jen aka Sugared Songbird ~

Yay for you Jen!! Please email me (link is in sidebar) your addy so I can get this fun package on it's way to you!!

This is Jen's take on the sketch & I have to say, it is fabulous! Love all the little details - great choice of colours too! You really must head to her blog and check out Jen's fantastic work - find it HERE.

Thanks to everyone for playing along!!

Be sure to keep checking back in for tips, tutes, sketches and never know what might pop up next!




Here's a digi layout I whipped up this evening, using pics of Karen & myself. I had alot of fun using such a bright funky kit! For all u digi scrappers out there - the kis s call Wild Thing by Zoe Pearn, & is available at Sweet Shoppe Designs. Stitching is by Traci Stroud @ ScrapOrchard

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back from the twilight zone!

Well Twiday has been and gone...and while I am sad it's over I sure as heck had fun!!

We shopped - the LSS must love us!!
We spakled - courtesy of Haylee's shimmer powder lol
We watched the movie - who knew Twilight went for three hours?! Hmm...maybe it had something to do with all that pausing & rewinding!
We played the game - fun but oh my word, poorly made! lol Dodgy instructions & typos out the yin yang!
We posed & preened - we're scrappers, need lots of pics!
We giggled & shrieked - typical girls!
We gifted - the girls both gave me gorgeous scarves & other goodies! And my gift to them was my creation that I named 'Bella Be Gone'. A voodoo doll complete with accessories - garlic, pins, binding cord, noose, holy water and a sharp pointy stake. Because, lets face it, none of us are Bella fans! Ooh the fun we had with that!

Thanks for a great day ladies - had so much fun & can't wait for the next one!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lita's Sketch No. 3

Well here it is - sketch number 3!!

Now, I know alot of you are perhaps thinking "Not another circle!" but please keep in mind, these sketches are merely a starting point, a guideline. As you'll see in this weeks sample, I haven't used a circle at all, and have arranged elements etc my way, not sticking strictly to the sketch. That's the beauty of it - take it and make it your own!

Cyn: Traditional. Uses another great Basic Grey range

Lita: Digi. My samples are digi based this week, but I am also currently working on a paper version, that I hope to share with you in a couple of days

~*~PLEASE NOTE: The blog candy comp is now CLOSED! A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday. Good luck gals!

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Twilight bound...

Well, sorta! lol

I'm having a girly day with K & G. An all out twilight studded drool fest. Can.not.wait! We'll be watching the movie, playing the game, hitting the LSS and just having a ball in general! Haven't seen G since late last year so I'm really looking forward to this!!

Now, just have to make sure I have everything I need...

Pocket Edward? Check.
Sweet treat? Check.
Gifts for the gals? Check.
Money to burn? Check.
Giggle switch set to high pitched and girly? Check.

Sounds like I'm good to go! See you all on the flip side!



Friday, July 24, 2009

Tomorrow is sketch day!!

Ooh tomorrow is sketch day - are we excited?! LOL I had alot of fun playing with this one, and so did my DT girls so be sure to check in. It may be posted later than usual though as I have a full on, twilight studded day planned with the besties - woohoo!

Blog candy entries close tomorrow so get your links in fast! And don't forget, signing up as a follower earns you an extra entry!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Tuesday Tutes & Wednesday Write-Ups will start as of next week. Sorry ladies, just not feeling at all well today. Please do come back for them though! lol

And this weeks sketch will still be here on schedule, so pop in on Saturday for the next one!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lita's Sketch No.2

Here it is!! The much anticipated 2nd sketch lol I had a ball playing with this one and so did 'my girls'.

So check out the samples, snag the sketch for your self and have fun with it!! Just keep in mind - you dont have to stick to the sketch completely! As you'll see, I haven't used the hidden journal tag, neither has Karen, but Cyn has. Karen has streamlined her embellies whereas I've gone all out. The choices are limitless! Take the sketch and interpret it your way - then share the results!

Cyn: Love this clean simple layout - really keeps the focus on the pics!

Karen: Again, a simple non-fussy boy layout, just awaiting journalling about little Jack's first steps

Lita: I had so much fun with this! A layout about my favourite obsessions...uh, I mean favourite things lol I may still add the journal tag...think I need to explain the obsessions lol

Don't forget:

Tuesday Tutes starts next week - with tips on making the most of your paper!

Blog Candy - one week left to get in the draw!

Have fun with it ladies & thanks for stopping by!


Friday, July 17, 2009

my new DT member!

Introducing Cyn!

I met Cyn through an online scrapping forum and have always loved her pages...and her addiction to Basic Grey made me love her even more! The best bit...she is well and truly Robsessed - love it! She is truly a superwoman - pregnant with her second little angel and still scrapping like mad, raising her gorgeous son, teaching aerobics, among many other things! Who has the energy for all of that?! I am happy to say that she is now a part of my little team here and will be producing samples of my sketches and maybe even sharing reviews of her fave products, stores etc. So, welcome Cyn! Happy to have you with us!
You can check out her blog HERE, and her Use Your Stash Challenge blog HERE.

Here is Cyn's take on the first Lita sketch - I love it! The BG mellow is the perfect fit for her photos and I am loving those dew drops!

Also have another fabulous layout to share!! This was created by the amazingly talented Chris aka Whisperpink. I met her through a digi forum and her talent (and amazing kindness) just blows me away. Look at the shadowing, the composition - just stunning! Thanks for bestowing your talent upon my humble sketch LOL

That's all for now ladies, be sure to check in tomorrow for the next sketch - you'll love it!!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tips and tricks on their way!

Hello again ladies! An update from my paper world!

The next sketch will be up by midday Saturday, July 18th (AEST) & believe me, you won't want to miss this one! A little hint...double page spread with lots of pics!! Ok, well, that was a big hint lol

Also - check in this Tuesday for what will (time permitting lol) become a regular feature around here - Tuesday Tutes! My first tute is one that I'm sure we can all benefit from - tips on making the most of your paper stash. As scrappers we're all only too aware that paper is what eats the most of our budget. I'm going to show you tips to make the most of every sheet. Hope you can put some of them to use...after all...every dollar saved on paper can buy a handful of primas right...or some brads..or how bout some sparkly rhinestones...Oh, sorry - got distracted!!

Anyway! lol Here's the schedule of what to expect here. I will post this list in the sidebar at some point for easy reference.

Saturday Sketch (uh..sketches..duh)
Tuesday Tutes (money saving tips, diff ways to use your products etc)
Wedneday Write-Ups (news & reviews on products, sites etc)

Got a particular technique you'd like to see? Any products you just have to know more about? Leave me a comment or email & I'll do my best!


Don't miss the chance for a great blog candy!! To enter the draw simply 'follow' my blog, link my blog on yours, or use the sketch and email it to me, or send me a link where you have posted it. the more you do, the better your chances! Ooh, would you like to know what just one part of the candy is..? What's that? You would? Ok, you bent my arm. I will be including a brand new twin pack of Prima Lollipops Flowers in Aqua Frost - divine!

Be sure to get in quick for your chance - just one week left!

Ok, well that's enough from me, am off to bedfordshire! Thanks for stopping by!



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh my...

~ Turn off my music first ~

For all my Robsessed sisters...enjoy :)

Oh yeah, you're loving me now aren't you? lol



Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Guess who was offered a guest CT spot?


Next month I will be a guest CT member for the incredibly talented Amy Stoffel! Woo hoo! Amy's digital designs are just stunning & I can't wait to work with her & her talented team.

Click the link and it will take you to her store over at Scrap Orchard - you need to check out the goods!


ALSO - for those of you eagerly awaiting the next sketch, the next one will in fact be posted this Saturday, July 18th at midday(AEST). You will still have until the 25th to complete the first sketch & be in the draw for the candy, but with so many requests for the next sketch, I thought it best to post it sooner lol It will now be a regular thing - Sketch Saturday

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Save the sketches!

Firstly - wow! So many of you are using the sketch - yay! Can't wait to see all the results!

Now, to the reason for my post. I have had a couple of questions regarding the sketches...

1. Can they be saved & printed?
Absolutely! Right click on the image of the sketch and save it to your computer. You can then print it or simply keep it on your hard drive.

2. When will the next sketch be available?
At this stage, a new sketch will be posted every two weeks, so look for the next on the 25th July. I hope to be able to offer a sketch every week, but for now, baby steps lol In the meantime, check in for tutorials, tips & tricks and more!

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lita's Sketch No.1

Here it is - the first ever Lita Sketch!! Yay!

I have three samples to show you from myself, and a great layout by Miss Karen too.

Lita Digi:
Lita (an oldie):

Don't forget to join in for your chance at a great blog candy! Become a 'follower' of Embracing Imperfection, post a link to us on your blog, or use the sketch and email a pic or link to to your online gallery/blog. The more you do, the more entries into the draw! How easy is that?! Deadline for the draw is July 25th which is also whent the next sketch will be available :)

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