Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am officially stuck. My mojo has up and left the building.

I need to get it back ASAP! I have two FANTASTIC sketches from the brilliant Becky Fleck to work on for her upcoming set for February. My work will be published on her site and in her newsletter which is obviously a HUGE deal, but it's just not working for me lol The ideas are floating around but when I sit down to scrap - Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!



Anonymous,  15 January, 2009 17:10  

When you find you mojo (which you will!!) please send some my way. Mine must be in the same place as yours. Congrats on the Becky Fleck publications - can't wait to see them.

Donna 15 January, 2009 21:42  

Wow .. huge congrats on getting published!

Have you tried a relaxation exercise and just walking away for a litle bit? Sometimes, when you come back, everything just falls together. Other than that, no ideas .. sorry!

Love Scrappin' 15 January, 2009 22:40  

Congrats Lita..maybe check out scrap mags..sites,blogs maybe that might help..start the mojo flowing.I understand how you feel I get like that..

Le@nne 18 January, 2009 11:47  

Mel, congrats on the publishing!! I'm sure what ever you come up with will be just dandy :)
hugs, Le@nne

Rhonda 18 January, 2009 15:00  

you'll be right...just retry not to over think things...some time the most simple are the most elegant.

Gillian 18 January, 2009 21:08  

Hope you've found your mojo.