Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A sneaky chance to win!

I know it's a little early..but I'm giving you a sneaky at this Friday's release, and a chance to win it!

Just comment below with your favourite decadent treat, and you could win! Winner will be announced here upon kit release, so be sure to check back! :)


Anonymous,  19 May, 2010 12:49  

oh man. i love love this:

its called almond roca. my sister made it for us and i love love it

and i soooo want that kit.

Janice,  19 May, 2010 12:52  

ooh.. my favorite decadent treat.. hmmmm. There are lots of them, but probably a fudge brownie sundae.. thanks Lita for the chance :)

JK creations 19 May, 2010 12:58  

Ohhh I just looked at Heather's link and yummie lol

But for my part it is so simple but Yet I wait all winter long for the Dairy Queen to open to have a Chocolate and Brownie blizzard !!

Thank for the chance to win this kit. The colors look great and I wanttttttttt it !!

Cori 19 May, 2010 13:32  

Love the colors in the kit. Can't wait to see the whole kit!

I would have to say the most decadent dessert is the chocolate stampede at Longhorn Steakhouse....yummy!!!

Rebecca 19 May, 2010 13:52  

OMG - this looks like your typical GORGEOUSNESS!!!! I love the blue I'm seeing with the other colors!!!

My favorite decadent treat changes constantly, but right now I think it would be a big slice of chocolate cake with white whipped buttercream, no coffee frosting! Mmm... that just sounds yummy! Thanks for the chance, darling!

Nikki Martin 19 May, 2010 15:33  

the colors look awesome!!
I am currently addicted to Cinnamon Strudel cakes from Hostess!!

Shari,  19 May, 2010 20:10  

Birthday cake - any kind at all. Mmmmm!

Mandy 19 May, 2010 23:06  

This looks fabulous, Lita! My favourite decadent treat is Tiramisu. I love the creamy layers and the coffee kick.

Scrapaholic 20 May, 2010 01:28  

Love the colors in the kit Lita! My treat - Cinnamon buns from Cinnabon ... mmmmmm.

Debbie 20 May, 2010 06:08  

Hi Sweetheart,

To me this kit is full of decadence but of the material sort not food. I can see luxury of silk cushions and velvet sofa's. I just love the colouring. Really rich and beautiful
Good luck on you release x

Love to you and angel blessings xx

Charisse 21 May, 2010 01:53  

The colors are beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing the entire kit tomorrow! :)

I love Pumpkin Cheesecake! But I only make it at the holidays.

Brittney 21 May, 2010 08:46  

Looks so pretty! Can't wait to see it all!

Tasha 21 May, 2010 09:56  

Oh... I love what I'm seeing... can't wait to see the whole kit!