Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Little Mischief

Pssst! A little birdie told me that our fabulous designer Lita is going to be away from the store this Thursday! So I was thinking while she was away, I would sneak into the store and have a little fun! Are you with me? I thought it would be fun to sneak in a little sale. There are some yummy goodies in her store to choose from. I am real fond of templates, like Head Start Volume 1. Maybe a template set would be a great choice?
Maybe a kit? Lita does have some gorgeous kits in her store. One of my favs... Blush.
Or Sunset Blues?
It is just too hard for me to decide what to put on sale. So, if you were in my cat burglar-like shoes, what would you like to see on sale? Send your friends over here too. Leave a comment in this thread with the name of the product you would like to see marked down. The product that gets the most votes will get the sale sticker smacked on it! I’m thinking if there is a pretty good response there will be a pretty good discount. **To be fair, please do not include collabs in the vote for discounts!**
Thanks for visiting the blog today. Don't tell Lita what we are up to! Now get on over to The Digi Chick and pick something out!!


andastra 26 July, 2011 16:01  

It´s hard to choose. There are so many beautiful kits. I would choose "Art Is My Comfort".