Saturday, December 17, 2011

Last minute?

Ok...who's with me? Last minute rushing around for holiday gift ideas for school or the office? Jand here and I have been madly scanning websites and especially Pinterest lately looking for ideas for things I can make easily and fairly cheaply to give as teacher gifts for my kids and myself. So, I thought I'd share some of the things I've found and maybe help out someone else in the same situation I'm in right now :/ All images are linked to the original sites.

This is just too cute for younger ones on your list, or school...playdough with glitter in jars to look like candy canes

Such a pretty ornament and great gift for a music lover

These little snowmen would be a great gift that the kids can help out in making
These I found a while back and what a great way to recycle Pringles cans...we go through lots of those!

I give several Starbucks gift cards every year...this is such a cute idea for wrapping them!!

And this is the one that I'm really hoping to have time to do for some of my coworkers! Cute Citrus Salt Scrub.

I truly hope that each and everyone of you has a wonderful and blessed Christmas.