Sunday, January 29, 2012

Customer Spotlight: Patti McCarthy

Hello Digital Scrapbookers!  Today I'm bringing you a spotlight on one if my scrapping idols, Patti McCarthy.  You've probably seen her pages around digi-land, and if you haven't, here is a link to her gallery - run over there and take a peak and then come back here!   I asked her some questions, here's what she had to say!

Name/username: Patti McCarthy

Tell us a little about yourself:   
I'm Patti McCarthy and my family and I live in the province of Alberta, Canada.  I have two handsome, energetic boys.  I am married to Glenn, who puts up with my endless amounts of scrapbook 'shop talk'.  I have pushed myself  into working outside my comfort zone and must say I love it!  I am addicted to PSE and all the templates, kits and digital elements that go with it!!   In my opinion, a girl can never have too much:)  
What’s your favorite type of product to scrap with (ie., papers, flowers, etc.)? I love paint, stitches and fasteners of any kind.
What's your go-to scrapping technique?  White space, clusters with lotsa layers!   Paint, circles, stitches and fasteners thrown in for good measure make me happy:)

What is your favorite Litabells product?

What's on your wishlist out of Lita's products that you don't already have?

What are your favorite layouts with Lita's stuff (linked for full credits):



And Just for fun ...

Favorite beverage? Coke/Root Beer - ice cold!What's your favorite non-scrappy activity? Reading of course!  Love mystery suspense and good Vampire/Fantasy reads.Where was your last holiday to? A trip to Ontario to see my parents.
Favorite book?  The Mortal Instruments Series
Thanks to Patti for sharing with us!


LingoVise Says... 29 January, 2012 16:22  

you're pages never fail to truly inspire, Patti ♥ ! you're one of my scrapping heros... thank you for sharing!