Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hybrid Baby Bodysuit using Flutterby Deux

Hello, Pene here again with a hybrid project I made for my friend's new baby girl.  I have made several of these body suits as they are unique and personalised, look great and are really easy to make!

My friend had a baby girl who she named Ruby, so I wanted something really pretty and girly.  Flutterby Deux is one of my favourite kits and it was perfect for what I wanted.

I measured the bodysuit so the image would fit and made a new blank file in Photoshop Elements at this size.  I then made the image and shadowed it as I would a normal layout.  Before printing to the transfer paper, remember to flip the image, either in Photoshop or using your printer settings so that when you iron it on the piece of fabric it will be the right way.
The transfer paper will have it's own instructions as to how to iron it on your garment.  Basically, once the ink has dried, you cut out as much of the image as you can so you don't get too much of an edge of transfer paper on your garment.  Then using a dry iron, you iron firmly over the image for about 30 secs. Once it is stuck down well, you peel off the backing and you're done!

I also used some papers and elements from the kit to make a matching gift bag and tag:

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and it inspires you to get out the transfer paper and decorate some garments!  You are limited only by your imagination!



Trista 13 January, 2012 02:50  

Pene... these are fabulous!!