Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sneak Peek With a Chance to Win

Just popping in here real quick to offer you a sneak peek of something brand new from Litabells!

Lita is so awesome that she has offered up a chance to win this new beauty. Trust me, it's newsworthy! ;)
Do you want to win it? To be entered to win answer the question below in the comments.

Inquiring minds want to know... What do you do to cheer yourself up when you are having a bad day?

Oh yes, for an additional chance to win, share this blog post on your favorite social media site and link us up in the comments below. With each share (posted in a separate comment) on this blog we'll enter your name into the random drawing! I'll be back at the end of the week to show you lots of new goodies and announce the winner!

Good luck!!


MRivas 29 November, 2012 06:29  

Im very low maintenance but when I have a bad day I like to dress up and put on some makeup and perfume. Lifts my spirits right up. Thanks for the chance!

Moodyjudy,  29 November, 2012 08:49  

I sure do want to win me some Lita goodies. The preview looks awesome.

Christina G 29 November, 2012 09:19  

On a bad day I like to relax with some sewing or scrapbooking! It takes my mind off the problem.

Melissa 29 November, 2012 16:29  

On a bad day I like it to be just me and my books. And if I have to go outside the house, it full-on war paint.

Ka77hy ( 30 November, 2012 07:19  

In bad day, usually I do one of my hobbies to relax. Either I read a book or I do some scrapbooking (or other creativity).

Thanks for the chance to win your kit. It is so beautiful

Ka77hy ( 30 November, 2012 07:25  

HI, your preview look so beautiful, and I share it through my FB

Thanks for the chance to win your kit

Lina (,  01 December, 2012 00:09  

Hi, Melita

In my bad day, usually I will listen to music to make me calm down and cheering me (I will choose the music which inspiring for me). Or if it possible, I will go to the mall and have some refreshing there, by watching a movie or shopping

Thanks a lot for the chance