Friday, September 12, 2008

Stampin Up!

I'm hosting a Stampin Up! workshop at my place tomorrow and can't wait!

I've never been to a workshop before, but I have used & purchased SU products and stamps and I love them! So of course, the next logical step is a workshop :) I think we'll be looking at the Wheels which should be great as I haven't seen those in action before.

But of course, with this pleasure comes pain....

Which set to choose??? Unfrogettable...Loads of Love...Garden Whimsy...Baroque Motifs...Season of Joy...
And then there's the inks...Pomegranate, River Rock, Perfect Plum...the lists goes on and on
And don't even getme started on the papers....

Ouch, my wallet is hurting already :D Isn't it great?!


Chris 12 September, 2008 21:30  

Well, duh ... all of the above!

See ya tomorrow