Thursday, November 27, 2008

'Create' Jingle Jangle

I'm part of a message board of amazingly talented women, and each year we take part in a secret santa swap. I thought I was all done with my partners parcel...but then decided to make her a little something else :D Couldn't help myself! It's a little jingle jangle charm for her to hang on her scrap tote, handbag, keys - wherever she likes! The scissors & 'Create' charm are because it's a scrapbooking forum (duh) and the forums "mascot" is a penguin, so that's why I popped that little guy in there :)

Hope she likes it!


Donna 28 November, 2008 09:37  

Love it! So cute .. especially the penguin.

Chris 28 November, 2008 10:48  

Gorgeous! The recipient is gonna love it!

Kathie 28 November, 2008 14:44  

Very very nice, maybe we could incorporate something like that into scrapbooking?? Have a great day!

Jen 28 November, 2008 14:45  

Oh, that is so cute!!! Your Secret Santa will LOVE it!!

Lita 28 November, 2008 14:46  

ALready thinking along those lines lol Ranger Ink makes fantastic Memory Frames in a couple of different sizes - thinking of adding one of those at the bottom, with a little pic or mini layout! I'll let you know how I go!

Traci 04 December, 2008 05:48  

Well, in the rare chance that I'm your secret santa sister, I love it. It's the cutest thing.

Nadya 's World!!! 04 December, 2008 16:22  

WOW! Beautiful!!! Love the colors! :)

Cyn M 10 December, 2008 01:18  

I LOVE this Jingle Jangle!!! You should make TWILIGHT ones! ;) I betcha you could sell them for some extra cash to the Twilight Maniacs like us on SS!!!

Karen 02 January, 2009 19:13  

beautiful! love the little penguin, he's cute!!