Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Digi Layouts

Ok, I always said there was no way I'd be interested in digital scrapping, was sure I'd never even try it lol Well that didn't work and I think I may be hooked! My scrap space is in my bedroom which can make it hard because to scrap I have to shut myself in my room - tricky whe you have two little kiddies running around.

Anyway, here are my latest efforts. They grey bar is still there - really must hurry up and buy the full program lol

The pink Layout is about my great friends Ange and Liz, and the surprise bunch of flowers that were on my doorstep one day :)

The green is from a great day-finally meeting two of my wonderful SS friends! Having trouble making the pics work properly at a decent size, so this will have to do lol