Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Forever Who You Are

This is a gift for onew of my dear friends, Leanne. I offered up a RAK here many moons ago and have only now remembered it! I am so sorry hun!! Consider me shamed!

Hope you like it, I'm pretty sure the colour will suit at the very least :)


Le@nne 31 December, 2008 18:48  

Well, who ever "Leanne" is, she's a very lucky girl!! It's gorgeous!!
Just kidding..
I love it! Thank you :) xxx
Happy New Year.

I forgot about it too..

Nadya 's World!!! 01 January, 2009 14:35  

Yup, she is one lucky girl.. Specially sense brown was used on this project... :) Love it! Lita you do amazing work!!!!
Happy New year!!!!

Anonymous,  02 January, 2009 12:42  

Gorgeous. ~ Gillian