Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Tuesday Tutes & Wednesday Write-Ups will start as of next week. Sorry ladies, just not feeling at all well today. Please do come back for them though! lol

And this weeks sketch will still be here on schedule, so pop in on Saturday for the next one!

Thanks for stopping by



Nadya 's World!!! 21 July, 2009 19:43  

Don't worry about it Lita. :) I hope you'll feel better soon!!! Take care of your self!!!
Nadya :)

Jen**SugaredSongbird** 22 July, 2009 05:24  

Get better fast, snuggle with Rob if it helps!

Cyn M 22 July, 2009 06:52  

You need to SLOW DOWN!!! ;) We will still be here so no worries about the Tutes and the Wednesday Write Up! :) We can wait another week! :)

Donna 22 July, 2009 11:54  

Hope I didn't give you my cold! Take care of yourself and feel better soon.
Donna xoxo