Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back from the twilight zone!

Well Twiday has been and gone...and while I am sad it's over I sure as heck had fun!!

We shopped - the LSS must love us!!
We spakled - courtesy of Haylee's shimmer powder lol
We watched the movie - who knew Twilight went for three hours?! Hmm...maybe it had something to do with all that pausing & rewinding!
We played the game - fun but oh my word, poorly made! lol Dodgy instructions & typos out the yin yang!
We posed & preened - we're scrappers, need lots of pics!
We giggled & shrieked - typical girls!
We gifted - the girls both gave me gorgeous scarves & other goodies! And my gift to them was my creation that I named 'Bella Be Gone'. A voodoo doll complete with accessories - garlic, pins, binding cord, noose, holy water and a sharp pointy stake. Because, lets face it, none of us are Bella fans! Ooh the fun we had with that!

Thanks for a great day ladies - had so much fun & can't wait for the next one!

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Cyn M 27 July, 2009 01:14  

Hey! It is Gillian and Karen and Lita! I am SO jealous! I wish I could have been there! LOVE the Bella Be Gone doll! Get'er outta there!

Donna 28 July, 2009 12:13  

Glad you guys all had a great time.

I'm so behind the times .. I still haven't seen the movie and didn't even know there was a game out. Sad I know!

Karen 28 July, 2009 22:30  

one of the best days i've had! lots of laughter & crazy things we did!! awesome memories. Can't wait for our New Moon get together!!

Cyn, I wish we were all closer, we'd have a blast xxx