Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tips and tricks on their way!

Hello again ladies! An update from my paper world!

The next sketch will be up by midday Saturday, July 18th (AEST) & believe me, you won't want to miss this one! A little hint...double page spread with lots of pics!! Ok, well, that was a big hint lol

Also - check in this Tuesday for what will (time permitting lol) become a regular feature around here - Tuesday Tutes! My first tute is one that I'm sure we can all benefit from - tips on making the most of your paper stash. As scrappers we're all only too aware that paper is what eats the most of our budget. I'm going to show you tips to make the most of every sheet. Hope you can put some of them to use...after all...every dollar saved on paper can buy a handful of primas right...or some brads..or how bout some sparkly rhinestones...Oh, sorry - got distracted!!

Anyway! lol Here's the schedule of what to expect here. I will post this list in the sidebar at some point for easy reference.

Saturday Sketch (uh..sketches..duh)
Tuesday Tutes (money saving tips, diff ways to use your products etc)
Wedneday Write-Ups (news & reviews on products, sites etc)

Got a particular technique you'd like to see? Any products you just have to know more about? Leave me a comment or email & I'll do my best!


Don't miss the chance for a great blog candy!! To enter the draw simply 'follow' my blog, link my blog on yours, or use the sketch and email it to me, or send me a link where you have posted it. the more you do, the better your chances! Ooh, would you like to know what just one part of the candy is..? What's that? You would? Ok, you bent my arm. I will be including a brand new twin pack of Prima Lollipops Flowers in Aqua Frost - divine!

Be sure to get in quick for your chance - just one week left!

Ok, well that's enough from me, am off to bedfordshire! Thanks for stopping by!



Karen 16 July, 2009 22:47  

It all sounds fantastic Lita! I know for a fact first hand at our many scrap sessions, that you have lots of wonderful and nifty ideas, so everyone will just love it! And I seriously love these new Prima lollipops, they are completely gorgeous, good luck to the very lucky recipient!!!!

Nadya 's World!!! 17 July, 2009 05:04  

your doing such a great job here!! WOW! You got it all worked out and it sounds awesome. I can not wait for your next sketch and for your Tutes.... we all can save some money so we can get other things... LOL :) Congratulations girl you AWESOME! :)

Theresa 18 July, 2009 04:24  

Alrighty! I'm all linked up. I'm following you. Isn't that a bit like stalking? I'm a friendly stalker I guess. You're on my blog. I'm on your blog. I posted my take on your sketch 1 here:

How's that? :)