Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Write-Up: Fiskars Euro Trimmer

For many years I used a 12" trimmer sold by one of the leading direct sales scrapbooking companies. At first I loved it until I realised that it didn't cut straight. Hmph, my money was spent on that?! lol So, I did some research & pricing and finally got myself a Fiskars Euro Trimmer. And I have to say - I love it!
It’s lightweight, has easy to see marking for measurements, and has both a cutting & scoring blade. Brilliant! It gives a neat cut & takes quite awhile for the blade to dull. Simple to use, blade changeover is a breeze & best of all – the price was great! I picked mine up for $25 on sale, and normal retail price is around the $30 mark in $AUD.

Pros: as taken from
Aluminum surface improves visibility for accurate measurements
TripleTrack™ rail design provides straighter and more precise cuts
Compact and lightweight for easy transportation and storage
12" Cut Length
English and metric measurements
Swing-out ruler measures widths up to 15.5"/40cm

Now this is tricky. I seriously LOVE this trimmer so hard to find a bad word about it! If anything, there are only two things that bother me ever so slightly.
The aluminium cutting surface marks easily. Obviously, this doesn’t affect cutting but the OCD like me might be bothered by it lol
The edge of the trimmer is curved, which can play tricks with your eyes, making you think your paper isn’t lined up right. Rest assured though, that if you have your paper resting against the bottom of the trimmer you WILL get a straight cut every time – the wonkiness is merely an illusion… and could in fact be entirely in my own head!

So, final conclusion? Buy it – you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you for the great response to my first tute - you guys rock!! Please be sure and drop me a comment if you stop by - I love hearing from you all!

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Theresa 30 July, 2009 01:46  

You forgot the "pro" that it is purple! That's why I bought it. :) I have enjoyed this trimmer for several years. It's been a good one. I bought another one after that was more expensive and I barely use it. Don't like it. This one is great.

Kathie 30 July, 2009 07:46  

You have just discovered what I have known for the last 6 years!! We use them here for class and have done for a long time, there is simply no better all round cutter than these available....I have tried lots!!!
Good plug for fiskars TFS

Karen 30 July, 2009 14:42  

Totally awesome product, one of the best scrapping purchases I've made!! Great write up Lita! Well done!!! :)