Tuesday, August 4, 2009

no tute...sad face...

I had a brilliant tute for your today, packed full of tips on using your flower stash. I uploaded it, go thte pics looking right, spell checked...and my comp crashed. I lost the tute, a digi layout that was just about done, and the remaining scrap of my sanity.

So, there'll be no tute today. Quite frankly, I don't think I have the mental capacity to do it right now lol

Check in Thursday for the tute instead - & come back tomorrow for a review by team member Cyn!



Kathie 04 August, 2009 22:33  

Hello lovely lady!! Did you forget that something was due by the end of July? Sorry about your tute!! that is not a good feeling at all....
Chat soon

Nadya 's World!!! 05 August, 2009 07:11  

Oh Lita,
I'm so sorry!!!! Don't worry about it today! Do something nice for your self and the girls and we'll tute another day!!! :)

Anonymous,  06 August, 2009 12:08  

oh that sucks!!!! sorry.... been there...

btw. I usually hate music on people's blog but your ROCKS!!!!!!

-- dalis