Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday WriteUp - Curvy Cutter

Today's Write Up is bought to us by the lovely Cyn. If anyone can recommend a good product it is Cyn - this gal can shop!!
Do you ever wonder how to get those 12 inch circles for your 12x12 layout? Well, have I got a tool for you! The Curvy Cutter!

Here is the information from the EKSuccess Website for you to learn more about this really cool tool:
Features and Benefits:-
Crop photos and paper with 1/8" mats into circles and rounded squares in seconds!
Circles create 22 shapes ranging from 2 1/4" to 7 1/2. Cut outside the track too, for additional sizes!
Curvy Cutter™ Cutting Tool sold separately.
For best results use a glass mat for smooth cuts, self-healing mat may provide uneven results.
When cutting multiple sizes from one piece of paper, cut smallest shape first and continue progressively cutting larger sizes.
Includes 2 templates with positioning guides
For photos and paper
Easy alignment guide
Gripper feet ensures template will not slide
Clear template for accurate cutting
Cuts clean edges from start to finish
Creates 1/8" mats
Dimensions: 12" x 12"

The Curvy Cutter is a Cutter Bee product made by EKSuccess. I have both the circle cutter templates and the Segments Templates and have the 12x12 glass mat. I figured to save money, I would get the circle template to start and see if I used it. Boy did I ever use it! So, then, I kept my eye open for the segments and when they arrived at our Hobby Lobby, I bought them with a 40% off coupon. It was better for me to be able to “build” my shapes than purchase all the different shapes. I bought every piece of my curvy cutter system with my 40% off coupons at Michaels and Hobby Lobby and then bought my 12x12 Glass Cutting Mat at Archivers with a 30% of coupon.

In order to use the Curvy Cutter, you will need:
The EKSuccess Cutting Tool
A Template of your choice – circles, ovals, rounded square or segments.
**It is recommended that you have a glass cutting mat to make smooth cuts (self healing mats tend to make an uneven cut).

Cyn’s Pros:
*Circles, Ovals, Rounded Squares and even Racetrack Sized Cuts to go across a layout are EASY
*Cutting Blades are Cheap to replace (have had mine for a year and have not had to replace the blade yet)
*Segments allow you to make whatever shape you want to cut
*Learning curve is null and void – VERY EASY TO USE!!!
*Cutting Blade for the cutting tool can be stored in the cutting tool knob – the clear part screws off and you can store your blades in there so that they do not get dull from sitting out.

Cyn’s Cons:
*If you don’t hold down the template properly, you can slide across the glass mat – this only happened the first time I used it...
*All the pieces for the segments are small and need to be kept together – I use a Jet Maxx Cube drawer to keep mine handy and safe from little hands, but when I go to a retreat, they go in a Ziploc baggie in my AMM Tote-ally Cool Tote.
*Keep the segments out of reach of small children!
Here are 2 PDF Documents that will tell you how to use these awesome templates!
PDF Document for the Curvy Cutter Segments -
PDF Document for the Curvy Cutter Circle Template -

Youtube video on how to use the Curvy Cutter Circle Templates

A big thank you to Cyn for this wonderful review!

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Anonymous,  06 August, 2009 11:59  

hi Lita!
I have it and love it... of course I had the chance to get the new sections (I have the circle and oval) in the EKSuccess Tent sale, but somehow when I got to the check out my curvy cutter new sections was not in the cart... there was a ton of Elmo and Sesame Street stickers... the joys of having to take a 2 yr old w/ you EVERYWHERE.

-- dalis