Saturday, November 13, 2010

Whispers of A Heart ** Edited**

My apologies for the confusion everyone! These items will actually be available Saturday, November 13, 2010! I posted them a little early b/c I was soooo excited for you to see Lita's latest. Yea, that's it... that is my story and I am sticking too it! At any rate, consider yourselves lucky to be in the know, because you are getting a full reveal a day ahead of schedule!
It’s Gotta Grab It time and Lita has a gorgeous collection in the store today. Each piece is only $1 during the Gotta Grab It Event at Gotta Pixel. Whispers of a Heart is soft and subtle in color, but makes a fantastic impact on any page. See for yourself.

Here is a little fabulousness from the creative team. As always, they rocked this yummy collection.
woah_trinawoah_christine woah_lashawnwoah_lynnwoah_sallywoah_sue
Thanks for stopping by the blog and have a fabulous weekend.