Thursday, October 27, 2011

We loves Lita's customers...

Good morning, Christine here to spotlight not just a person, but many of them.  Lita is an amazing designer but that is not all, she is the creator of all things Artful.  If you have not checked out her website or this gallery, you need to run there right now!

Here are some amazing examples of the Art Journaling prompts Lita has provided for all of her fabulous followers through her awesome video tutorials and such.  If you want more information or join in on the fun you can find all the information here

Check out these lovely creations

From Lilusmom

From Balinda

From Kami

From AmberK

I hope you enjoyed all this beautiful eye candy as much as I do...join us again soon to see what our great group has for you next time.  I am sure it will be fun!!!