Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New look and new ideas

I know I know, another new look! But considering the time, and effort that went into it, this one will be sticking around for awhile...most likely lol

Thanks to everyone that took the time to answer my poll - what a great response! I have been busily preparing sketches and tutorials and am happy to announce that the first ever 'Lita Sketch' will be up here on Saturday, along with a few examples so that you can see the sketch in use! Be sure to pop in & check it out! To celebrate the 'launch' of the 1st sketch we'll be offerig a great blog candy - stay tuned for details on your chance to win! Also keep an eye out for some handmade goodies that will be popping up soon at great prices...expect a sneaky peak later in the week...

I've noticed a lot of new visitors to my little corner of the web - welcome! As always, I am a big fan of comments so to all my visitors, new & old, please drop me a line - I love hearing from you!

Thanks for stopping by!


Susan 09 July, 2009 12:44  

Lita love your blog!! and omg you got a pocket edward!!! ahhh I want a pocket edward so bad. We would have so many little adventures together... hehe!!

Kathie 09 July, 2009 20:55  

Love the new look blog sweetie!! Thanks for visiting me!! I have not had much time for visiting blogs lately!! Catch up soon

Jen**SugaredSongbird** 10 July, 2009 09:12  

Looking forward to those sketches!

Anonymous,  12 July, 2009 00:53  

Good Morning and Thanks a million for a wonderful sketch to get our creative juices flowing this Saturday morning!

I'm hoping to create some of those bellies for myself. They're just too cute.

Love your blog.

Karen ~ Scrappin K