Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welcome the newest member of our family

He arrived today and has been very busy indeed!

We watched a great film... I swear I could hear him saying "Hey Edward, lose the girl, she's bad for your image"

He helped me unpack a huge RAK parcel from the lovely Kathie...

He liked the buttons best

He even approves of my reading material, smart guy that he is.

And now he's helping me update my blog.

I'm sure he's going to fit in here no worries... :D



Nadya 's World!!! 07 July, 2009 18:33  

LOL :) Lita... that is too funny!!! How in the world did you get him to go home with you???? :) Have fun girl!!! :)

Karen 07 July, 2009 22:49  

I think he's fitting in perfectly, just like mine!! :D

Kathie 08 July, 2009 08:34  

hahahahaha Lita that is funny!!! Glad that you got the parcel!! Enjoy my dear friend!!

Leanne D,  10 July, 2009 23:05  

very funny.

Anonymous,  12 August, 2009 11:13  

OMG that is the funniest thing I have ever seen!