Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Digi Den- Daydreamer Designworks

I love me a good forum, and if there’s a store attached to it well that just makes it so much better!

A new forum is launching in September & believe me, you’ll want to join! The site is super cute which gets you inspired straight away. There will be challenges, giveaways, blog trains and the designers on board are AMAZING! Whilst the store is not open yet, the forum is already filling fast, & it’s easy to see why. The ladies on the team are so friendly and love a good laugh.

Pop on over & visit what is bound to become my home away from home!

Oh, and when (not if, WHEN) you register, be sure to pop my username in the referral box: litabells :)

Daydreamer Designworks

And if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to sport the Fan blinkie around town – enjoy :D

Daydreamer Designworks Fan Blinkie

Thanks for stopping by – hope to see you at Daydreamer soon!


Whisper Pink 06 August, 2009 17:53  

Well, actually Lita, I think they should leave my user name :D ROFLMAO!!! It is a GREAT site, I just love the colors and people are super friendly!!!

Cyn M 07 August, 2009 12:07  

Hey Lita! I joined as Cyn and can't wait to get in there and play!