Friday, December 2, 2011

Folded Paper Christmas Tree

Hello and Pene with you again with another hybrid project. I have wanted to make one of these little trees for a while as I think it will look very pretty on my hall stand. It was pretty easy to make but you need a bit of time to do it.  Oh, and my advice would be to use a thimble to push the pins in as my thumb is still sore!!

To make this you need:
  • a polystyrene tree, whatever size you'd like
  • double sided patterned paper - this tree used three A4 sheets
  • 2 stars for the top of the tree
  • paper trimmer
  • distressing ink and sponge
  • straight pins
  • bamboo skewer
  • ribbon, glitter, bling etc from your stash

Print the paper of your choice onto an A4 (or letter sized) piece of cardstock.  I chose three papers from Lita's Christmas Blessing kit, the very merry collab with Captivated Visions available now at Scrap Orchard.

Cut the patterned papers into 1" wide by 3" long strips.  Ink the pieces if desired.

Fold the strip so the ends meet, but don't squash it flat.  Start at the bottom and position the paper so it isn't pushing the tree off the surface.  Push a pin through the paper and into the polystyrene tree. Continue right around the tree for your first row.

For the next row and each subsequent row, overlap the paper so that it covers the first row of pins and the gaps between each strip.

Keep going until you have covered your tree.  I used extra pins at the top to ensure a smooth finish.

I then printed 2 stars onto white cardstock and cut them out.  I used a pop up glue dot to stick one of the stars to a bamboo skewer.  I then glued the other star and craefully stuck it on the other side of the bamboo skewer to give me a nice double sided star.  I pushed the skewer through the top of the tree.  I used some gold ribbon to hide the gap between the star and the tree.  

You could decorate the tree anyway you like - add some brads or bling or paint it with glue and sprinkle glitter on it.

I hope you have enjoyed this and please link back here if you make a tree!  And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Pene xoxo


Trista 02 December, 2011 16:55  

Too cute Pene! Looks fairly easy to do. You rock the hybrid!